Soundtrack Howl can offer services in web design, development and hosting. Below, you can find estimates on pricing for the services that I offer. While these prices represent the base cost of each services, total costs are subject to alteration based on the needs of the customer. I am always happy to arrange a price that works for both you and I. These services are available to all websites regardless of whether or not they are hosted by Soundtrack Howl (with exception to the Hosting and Technical Support package).

Hosting and Technical Support $15/month USD
For this cost, Soundtrack Howl will host your website and provide full technical support upon request. You will receive:
Unlimited monthly bandwidth
Unlimited SQL databases
Unlimited subdomains
Up to 100 MB of disk space
Unlimited email accounts with soundtrack-howl.com.

Please note: technical support does not involve installing or designing software on your website, I simply provide the web space for you to do so. I can provide support with bugs pertaining to the server, FTP, SQL and email addresses, and assistance on web development or software resources. Any web development is not covered under this cost.
Website Development and Design $200 USD
For a base price of $100, you will receive an installation of your choice of software that is compatible with PHP 5+. This includes:
MyBB 1.8
phpBB 1.3
FluxBB 1.5
I am more than happy to discuss any software not listed.

Upon complete installation I will design your website using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There may be minor PHP use where absolutely necessary, but the major alteration or creation of scripts is not covered under this cost, nor are images for banners, backgrounds, etc. Your website will be created with a basic skin using cohesive colours that you are free to alter at will. This cost does, however, guarantee that the website produced is high quality and completely by the customer's specifications. This service applies only to 1 website.
Complete Graphics $200 USD
This cost will cover the creation of up to 3 custom skins for your website and all media within reason. This includes banners, backgrounds, affiliate buttons, advertisement images, sprites or pixels, group images, and any other images upon request. This cost may be adjusted depending on the number/size of the images and the method in which they are done (ie. digital, traditional, photomanipulation, etc). All images are created by me, and the full rights to the images will belong to you.
Custom PHP Script Base $30 USD
I will develop 1 custom script for your website to your specifications. These scripts will be completely unique to your website and not reused. The base cost of each script is $30 with additional costs added depending on the difficulty and time it takes to produce a script. I can provide a quote for each script upon request. If for any reason I am unable to complete a script to your specifications, you will be refunded the appropriate sum.
Minor Feature Addition $10 USD
Minor features are something that are not inherently available with the software used, but do not require an entire script to be implemented. Feel free to inquire about minor features and what they entail.
When requesting web services, you are welcome to pick and choose what services I have available and combine them into a single project. A price estimate for the project can be decided upon discussion.


Web Design Example Web Design Example Web Design Example
Origin is an RPG community that I designed in 2015 using MyBB software. Origin features a unique
Attempt Roll script and a Request Game Master system that allows users to effectively communicate
with staff whenever they are in need of quest progression.

Web Design Example Web Design Example
Harbinger is an RPG community that I designed in 2014 using the now outdated IPB 1.3 software. I built a brand new
automatic fight system for Harbinger that uses strength, defense and agility stats to produce a realistic
outcome of a battle between two characters.

Web Design Example Web Design Example Web Design Example
The FATE RPG was created using custom software I built myself in 2012-2013. All the scripts FATE used were written
by me, including an automatic voting system, a fight system, the choice to post written or image replies,
a moderated encyclopedia, search system, and more.