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Ordering Web or Art Services
When placing an order for web or art services, please include the following:

Package: What are you buying? If buying more than one, please list them all.
Details: List all relevant details to the package. If it is web service, please summarize what you are looking for and we can discuss the details via email. If it is art service, please include ALL details (ie. character(s), reference sheets, backgrounds, text, moods, colours - anything you have in mind for the piece) and further details may be discussed over email.
Contact: What is the easiest way to contact you, or how do you prefer to be contacted?

Upon placing an order, you will receive an order number. You will find a list of all active orders on the index. There, you will also see where your order is on the list. You are welcome to contact me to ask for an estimate on when your order will be started or completed.

When placing an order, please bear in mind the terms of service.

Terms of Service

Placing Orders
I reserve the right to accept or deny orders at any given time. If an order is denied, you will be informed of why and whether or not you may place the order again. If your order is accepted and you are given an order number, then you are welcome to contact me at any given time to request the status of the order or to request changes. You can continue to request changes to your order through the duration of the order's processing. Upon completion of the order, you will be charged for any further changes requested to the piece or project a cost depending on the intensity of the change requested.

All payments are to be made via Paypal. The address the payment is sent to will be disclosed via email during discussion of the order.

For art orders under $50, you as the customer are not expected to pay the cost of the piece until the piece is complete. For art orders $50 and over, you are expected to pay half of the cost of the piece once the cost is agreed upon by both parties (you, the customer, and I, the artist) and half of the cost upon completion of the piece.

For web service orders, half of the total agreed cost of the project is expected to be paid before any work on the project has started, and the other half paid upon completion of the project. For monthly payments, payments are to be made by the 1st of every month. If you are unable to make this date, contact me and we can discuss a new payment date. If a payment is not made within 5 days of the date the payment is due, your hosting service will be terminated.

Usage of Services
If receiving hosting from Soundtrack Howl, you are expected to practice safe web use. If for any reason your website demonstrates a risk to the security of Soundtrack Howl, you as the customer will be informed. If no changes are made to improve the security of your website within 5 days, your service will be terminated immediately.

Upon completion of a project or piece, said project or piece will be under the rights of the customer with exception to commercial use. You are free to modify the project or piece as you desire, however you are not permitted to:
Sell the unmodified product for higher than the cost in non-virtual currency of what you paid
Sell modified versions of the product for non-virtual currency

If I am for any reason unable to complete an order, if you as the customer have already paid any sum of the cost of the order, then I will issue a complete refund of what has been paid to me. Partial refunds may be issued if the completed product is not completely up to the specifications of the customer. A refund will not be issued if the specifications given upon completition of the product do not match those given at the time the order is placed, or if your service is terminated due to security risks or failure to submit a payment.

By ordering services from Soundtrack Howl and/or contacting me using the form below, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service and are subject to legal action if these Terms of Service are not abided by.

Art and web services are currently closed. Thank you for your patience.


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